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The original lifebuoy of the German submarine U-351.
The horseshoe-shaped buoy is in completely original condition.
The buoy is covered with maroon colored canvas, beautiful painted letters in Gothic style, the grab rope is also original!
The rescue buoy hung on the conning tower in a bracket, on both ends in black the imperial cross.
At the end of the war on 5 May 1945 she was sunk off Horup Haff by her own crew during Operation Rainbow.
The wreck was salvaged and destroyed in 1948.
U-351 had the decal of a reclining mermaid with her hands through her long hair.
*The buoy is just visible on the last image left side of the conning tower.*
History - The U-351 was launched on 21 March 1941 at Flensburger Schiffsbau-Gesellschaft.
She served with it;
26th Flotilla of June 1941
26 Flotilla from April 1942
22 Flotilla from July 1944
4 Flotilla from March 1945
Dimensions 58 x 60 cm
A rare collector's item.

*The buoy also includes an original 1940 British nautical chart from Scapa Flow.
This location became known for the spectacular U-Boat action of Günther Prien in 1939 who sank the Battleship HMS Royal Oak.
Nice intact historical chard for decoration or for framing, the chart does not require restoration.
98 x 70 cm