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A very good pair Carl Zeiss 8x60 U-Boat Commander Glasses.
They were made in small numbers for just two years (1943-44).
Always hard to find with the Rauhlack exterior finish, this is one of 1350 that Zeiss produced for the U-Boat fleet in 1943.
Even more unusual is the current condition of the Rauhlack, this piece is still beautifully intact with a beautiful patina.
The exterior is the original olive green factory finish with the usual light wear to the known points.
The prism cover plate has the usual Zeiss blc 8x60 markings with the serial number 48912, the right eyepiece has a vertical sighting graticule.
Both flip-up eye cups work well and click nicely around the eyepieces.
Optically the binoculars are undamaged, without issues, the blue coating is also completely intact, has recently been cleaned and serviced.
To complete the binoculars, an after-market Benutzer cap has been placed on the eyepieces.
Complete with leather neck strap.