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A small field binoculars in a bag made of soft (perforated) camel-colored calf leather,
the inside is lined with red velvet.
Equipped with a personal stamp with monogram A.H. the back of the bag is also stamped.
The binoculars are monogrammed on the bridge with A.H.
The instrument and bag has few signs of use and a nice, clear image.
It is an oddity that does not really belong in this Kriegsmarine section.

These binoculars are of the Galilei model, type Selsi Camponett 4x40 made by Emiel Busch of Rathenow.
Galilei model viewers were much loved for their simplicity.
It is a compact model, nothing much could break, and it was quick to focus and lightweight.
This viewer has one bridge part that connects both tubes; usually there are two bridge parts.
The bridge is solid; it is not a bent bridge.
Both tubes are draped with black synthetic leather.
Much in use were the Carl Zeiss Turolem and Turol 4x20.
This viewer by Emiel Busch is an improved version of the Zeiss, this 4x40 has an object lens twice as big as the Zeiss viewers.
The advantages of the bigger lens were more clarity and a better image.
This type of binoculars has only been produced briefly, very few of these were manufactured,
that is why it is a viewer of which relatively little is known.
During W.W.2 a different kind of infantry viewer was chosen and taken into production.

Type Selsi Camponett 4x40
Aluminum tubes with black synthetic leather
Silvered retractable eyepiece
Field of view 4.4° - 1000/77mtr
Diameter object lens 40mm

Purchased by a Mr. Peeters from Belgium. Mr. Peeters inherited the viewer from his grandfather
Mr. Ralph Peeters, who had been a soldier in the French army.
His unit was La Deuxieme Division Blindee, a division that moved through Germany and mounted the Obersaltzberg in May 1945.
It is common knowledge that allied soldiers took lots of items as souvenirs and trophies.
The grandfather of Mr. Peeters found this viewer in the Berghof in the room with the panoramic window at the
north side of the building.
The personal belongings of Hitler were marked with his initials A.H. and the logo of the imperial eagle,
Eva Braun had her own monogram.
Here monogram in the shape of a butterfly was specially designed for her by Albert Speer.
The viewer comes with a copy of the last letter that the veteran Ralph Peeters wrote to his grandson about this viewer.
These binoculars are a luxury accessory, a bijou.

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