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Offered for sale, a rarity, a special 7x50 U-boat binoculars with red lens coating.
This pair certainly has character, it still has its original rubber armor.
Made in the color olive green, these binoculars have never been repainted and are completely original!
It has the usual traces of use. Stamped on the right cover plate "7×50 / 63385 / blc".
The optics are good, nice clear and colorful image.
The binoculars were completely cleaned and re-collimated in May 2023.
This is one of the better iconic German U-boat binoculars and in very good condition
most have been repainted and fitted with aftermarket parts.
Leather binocular neck strap present.
The lenses are red coated.
If you still want a Benutzer Cap, you can get it from us, we will assemble it for you, you will receive it
free of charge as a service (This is of course a reproduction)
These binoculars have a distinctive dark red anti-reflective coating.
The Carl Zeiss anti-reflective coatings of World War II were usually dark blue to almost purple in color.
The dark red (sometimes more orange colored) coating appears to be found only on a small series of binoculars made later in the war.
The general idea among collectors is that this was carried out as a test by Zeiss.

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