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The Carl Zeiss Asem telescope with 12+ 20+ 40x magnifications with 80 mm objective lens was marketed under the name Monok AF.
The Asem was made from 1912 to 1940 in 3 different variants.
The telescope has a revolver eyepiece and can be set in three different strengths 12 x magnification, 20 x and 40 x.
This is the rarest first type made in a straight tube painted white like the other Zeiss astronomical telescopes of that time.
This telescope has a strong 40x magnification perfect for astronomical observations but also for use at sea or as an observation telescope.
The telescope is equipped with a porro prism 2 system with an Air Space 80mm objective lens.
The eyepiece revolver clicks into the correct position by means of a spring lever system.
Extendable lens hood with lens cap, total length is 55 cm, telescope & cradle weight 5½ kg.
The optics is recently cleaned, are crystal clear and colorful.
The optics, lenses and prisms are undamaged and intact.
Placed on a vintage wooden military tripod in sand color.
Telescopes are timeless, these may have been developed in 1912 but were also used in WWII, as field observation telescopes.
And today? bird watching, astronomy: nebulae, moon and planets, sea views and city skylines.