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The binoculars from the early days of Ruka.
Ruka is the abbreviation for Runge & kaulfuss from the city of optics Rathenow.
Although these binoculars do not actually belong in the kriegsmarine section, I want to bring them to your attention.
The binoculars are extremely rare, it is an early model complete with the original black leather case lined with blue velvet, the case that is almost always absent.
It is perhaps the only time that this type of binocular comes complete with its black leather case on the market.
Ruka became best known for his deliveries of optical equipment to the police, Schutzstaffel (SS) and Waffen SS.
Leather case, straps, Benutzer cap with initials JMV, button flap with date and logo Ⓡ1939 are original.

The binoculars themselves is good and decent, nowhere repainted, also the leather around the tubes is in good condition, the case has of
course some traces of use which is normal considering the age and use on the battlefield.
As usual, we had the binoculars cleaned and had full service!
The binocular is now perfect again and gives the same beautiful clear image as it was delivered in 1939.
The right eyepiece has a horizontal protractor, from right to left from 0 to 40 °.
Serial number: 101426
Made in the period 1938-1939
Wide 16½ cm
Height 11½ cm
Weight 720 gr
Type / model: Decoris