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These binoculars were specially designed for the navy, they were extremely good binoculars for locating planes and ships.
This type of binoculars was mainly used for night time observations onboard U-Boats.
You could use the binoculars hand-held, or on a tripod, possibly with a headrest, on most original WW.2 images they were used without.
The prisms are huge in relation to the tubes and the rest of the binoculars.
The binoculars therefore give a humongous panoramic detailed widescreen.
The letter "T" on the left, "Transparenzbelag", indicates that the lenses are coated with an anti-reflective coating
that improves the light transmission in the lenses by 80%.
This system was developed and patented on November 1, 1935 by Aleksander Smakula.
These binoculars are considered by many collectors as the best military binoculars ever made!
They could also be mounted above a torpedo aiming device, in the right ocular is a vertical reticle and central a small cross.
The rubbers eye cups are original and signed by Carl Zeiss with CZ and has matching numbers, the rubber is still soft and very usable.
The original eye cups had a metal ring to push on the ocular (snap in type of eye shield)
There are four filters, each side can be set separately.
Level for selection of four filters. Market: whiteout glass-clear-sun-searchlight.
At the right the vernier bar to adjust the interpupillary distance.
Only 100 of these Carl Zeiss Jena binoculars were produced in 1939, only a few are known worldwide!
The binoculars have recently been cleaned and serviced without compromise by the Binocular Specialist in the Netherlands.
The filter carousel is clean and working in the correct order.
The optics are free of chips or other damage.
In the right ocular is a vertical reticle.
Rare binoculars of this caliber, only found once!!!
Field of View: 8,75 degree
153 meters at 1000 meter
Blue coated lenses
Porro 2 construction
Black rough exterior
Weight 5,250
Serial number: 1972477
Marine inventory number: N 54

ITEM : 548