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Kriegsmarine sextant by Plath executed in a lattice frame of black coated aluminum
Numbered on the protractor 22088.
Index arm with micrometer wheel and Kriegsmarine logo, clearly engraved with the German Eagle
with the globe, Swastika with the Gothic M for Navy and the marine number 7039.
Standing on three legs with a Bakelite handle, stamped on the inside with the factory logo "IPS" 9366.
Original pine wooden carrying box with metal Sun Shooter trade logo on the inside, and marine number plate on the outside.
The instrument is very well preserved, it has clearly been looked after very well, more than complete set, all documents present,
all matching numbers, the instrument itself is mint, the box small traces of use.
A rarity, two goggles in leather frames with yellow and green filters, apparently never used.
You could use the goggles instead of using the tinted sun filters.
This set is complete with many extras.
The sextant is equipped with:
# Scale from -5° to 137° degrees
# Two mirrors
# Four colored sun glasses
# Three horizon glasses
# Clear telescope 4x40
# Googles with colored glass as a sun filter
# An extra moon lens for the telescope
# A key for the mirror adjustment
# A cleaning cloth
# Test certificate from 1943
# Spare mirror in the original packaging, never used
Dimensions box: 32 x 32 x 17 cm

ITEM: 546