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A Junghans bulkhead ship clock.
A bulkhead clock for the radio officer with red surfaces for the radio silence.
Silver-plated dial with the numbers 12937 the M of navy and kriegsmarine logo.
The clock has a number and a letter below it.
In this case the 'O' of Ostsee (Baltic Sea)
Dial with Arabic numerals and seconds hand.
The clock is closed airtight by means of a door with glass.
At the back three suspension points are fitted and inscription kriegsmarine.
Diameter 20 cm diameter (8 inches)
Fast or slow running time, adjustable on the dial.
This clock is very pure!
Nothing has been polished, painted over or ruined on this clock.
The case is in good condition without dents or scratches, she does have patina.
The dial has more traces of use and patina.
The heart of the clock the timepiece, is absolutely top, completely overhauled and in new condition.
Model W 146, made on 6-1942
*The clock has been served by the official clockmaker.
You will receive the invoice and a 1-year written warranty on the clock.