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For the purist; a Kieninger and Obergfell Kriegsmarine clock in original condition.
You don't see them much anymore, most are polished.
Made circa mid 1930s with silver plated brass dial and brass movement.
The clock is authentic, has patina all around which certainly has its charm.
The brass case is without dents or damage.
'N' of Nordsee (home port = Wilhelmshaven)
Dial with the navy number 1881 and Kriegsmarine logo.
A facet cut edge in the glass door.
The clock runs nicely on time, the speed can be adjusted on the dial.
The clock is delivered with the pictured oak wall mount.
A beautiful clock that can be used daily.

*The clock has been served by the official clockmaker.
Comes with the invoice. 

ITEM : 541