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Original WWII Kieninger and Obergfell Kriegsmarine clock with an eight-day movement.
'N' of Nordsee (home port = Wilhelmshaven)
Dial with the marine numbers 15849 and kriegsmarine logo, made around 1944 with zink dail.
The number 16674 on the back can also be found on the timepiece itself. Matching number clock!
The black Arabic numerals and the dial are exceptionally beautiful and pristine without scratches or pips.
The brass case is 100% mint without dents or damage.
The clock is sealed airtight by means of a glass door.
The clock runs nicely on time, the speed can be adjusted on the dial.
The timepiece itself is beautifully clean.
A beautiful clock for daily use.

*The clock has been completely overhauled by the official clockmaker on June 2023.
You will receive the invoice and a 1-year written warranty on the clock.