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A rare find, museal hourglass with 4 ampoules in wooden frame, south Germany, begin of the 17th century.
The glasses are elongated in flute model blown, clear light green glass with bubbles and blowing streaks.
The bulbs joined with fabric and gild twine (brocade).
Carved wooden frame with 8 columns.
The glasses are filled with white sand probably crushed eggshell for 15- and 30-minutes running time.
Decorated with 6 pinnacles on both bottoms, all around edge decoration of vellum
which is placed between the pillars, pierced with hearts and triangles.
Shown in its original condition!
The hourglass rotates 360º around its axis.
Total height including oakwood stand 41 cm, only the hourglass is 29 cm high.

Used for timekeeping:
Used to give everyone the same speaking time during meetings in parliament or in the local municipality.
In court during oral argument.
Also used in churches to track the length of pulpit speeches.

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