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A rare model hourglass made in a patinated bronze frame, also called a cage model.
It is formed from a cylinder with 8 sides on octagonal end pieces.
The octagonal end pieces are slightly arched with small plinths and all around beautifully decorated with small friezes.
The octagonal openwork frame has large vertical windows that end in lobed arches with small pierced decorations above it.
One of the end pieces is fixed, the other is hinged and has a closing hook.
On the inside an orange- red volcanic sand.
Remnants of old red paint on the inside of the frame.
Hourglasses of this type were made from iron, brass or bronze and are rare!
Patience, craftsmanship and a lot of time are needed to turn a hourglass frame into a piece of fine art.
Size: 14 x 7 cm.