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Doppelfernrohr Flakglas 25x105 (45°), made under the code name "KQC" from "Jos Schneider & Co. Optische Werke KG" from Göttingen.
It was designed by Dr. A.W. Tronnier, chief designer of Schneider, they are made in an extremely limited numbers!

There was a strong need to produce better binoculars than what was available at the time, namely the Doppelfernrohr Flak 10x80.
New to the design was the construction of the large 105mm objective lens, a tele system consisting of three lens elements.
The primary design goal of these binoculars was the instant recognition of enemy aircraft in flight.
But she was also used to track the trajectory and stability of the modernized "V1" and the brand new and deadly "V2" missiles at great distances.
Today they are considered some of the best high power binoculars ever made.
Top optics for long distance; range, viewing distance 70 km.
Comfortable viewing pleasure due to the soft original rubber forehead support, four built-in filters, for fast flying objects, a quick search telescope on top.
These are historic binoculars, with a nice warm appearance and patina, we have kept them as original as possible, the optics are intact and without flaws.
The binoculars have not been repainted, they have a slightly rough coating on the outside in a light sand color with a warm tobacco patina.
The binoculars can also be used for various astronomical purposes: watching the moon on a clear night is really beautiful, even the crater rims are clearly visible.
Matching restored vintage wooden tripod with 3 wooden discs to protect the floor from scratches.
The gimbal of anodized black aluminum is specially handmade, not a simple straight forward, but a really nice piece of engineering.
Due to this gimbal, the binoculars can be used stably and without vibration.
Registration kqc
Magnification factor x 25
Diameter front lenses 105 millimeters
Eyepiece viewing angle 45 º
prism type; Schmidt roof prism
Four built-in filters:
1. Neutral light gray 50% light absorption
2. Neutral gray 75% light absorption
3. Orange 75% light absorption
4. Clear 100%
Field of view 52,5 mtr / 1.000 mtr
Individual focus per eye
Eye distance adjustment knob
Weight 16 kg
Binocular length 57 cm ( 22.5 inches )
Width 23 cm (9 inches)



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