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Original 1940 British nautical chart from Scapa Flow.
This location became known for the spectacular U-Boat action of Günther Prien in 1939 who sank the Battleship HMS Royal Oak.
In the far North of Britain, off the coast of Scotland, lie the Orkney Islands, a group of islands set around relatively
calm waters known as Scapa Flow.
Scapa Flow has long been the naval port for the British Home Fleet, offering easy access to both the North Sea and the North Atlantic.
Since the anchorage was surrounded by islands with only narrow channels between them, it proved relatively easy to secure, especially when 'block ships' were sunk into this channels to block them further.
The location was of course well known to the German Kriegsmarine, not least because the German fleet had been
interned there in 1918 and subsequently
sunk there by themselves when they feared that the ships were to be taken over by the Allies in 1919.
The Luftwaffe was able to take good photos of the naval port.
These photos, plus the information from U-14 about the access route, were decisive for carrying out the action.
This chard gives us a nicely detailed picture of the heart of the port and the area around it as it looked during that period.
The card has almost no signs of use, only some spots in the edges, made of a thick quality paper.
The map shows many details of; obstacles, buoys, beacons, ship wrecks, some with date 1919 and depth in fathoms,
forbidden areas and currents.
Furthermore, a nice intact historical chard for decoration or for framing.
Does not require restoration.
Admiralty (central sheet)
1:24.360, 1943 PRELIMINARY CHART
(edition 12th April 1940 - 22nd Oct. 1943)
98 x 70 cm

ITEM : 491


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