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This instrument was created during the war 1939-1945 for special operations at sea carried out by U-boats and minelayers.
This portable version is a technical masterpiece created by Heinrich Rauschelbach and built by Aude & Reipert.
This is a completely handmade instrument, a 10 tidal drive, gears and rollers driven by a metal belt.
This portable "water-level computer" was taken on board.
This made it possible to calculate water levels in sea areas for which no tide calculations were available which was especially important during the submarine war!
It enabled the calculation of local water levels in remote sea areas for the next 15 days, which is crucial for special and secret missions.
About 20 of these hugely expensive "water-level computers" were made, costing 6,000 Reichsmarks each in 1940.
What could you buy in the 1940s for 6,000 Reichsmarks?
1 new brand new Volkswagen Beetle cost 1,000 Reichsmark at the time,
so this instrument was just as expensive as 6 new Volkswagen Beetles !!
This instrument is very rare, a unique piece, only two are known!
This instrument is many times rarer than the enigma code machine of which many hundreds of thousands have been mass produced.
You can view the other remaining "water-level computer" in the museum (see link below description)
The dashboard has 10 black frames with three built-in gauges each.
There is a separate built-in lighting for each frame.
In addition, separate buttons for further manual adjustment.
On the side a central wheel that activates the built-in meters.
Also 3 convex round lenses with lighting, one of which indicates the water level in meters.
A 24 volt connection on the short side with an on and off switch.
There are a total of 12 lamps, all lighting works.
A new 24 volt adapter is included for home use (you create the same experience as on board)
The instrument is in new condition and is still 100% fully functional!
The handmade inside is mint!
The outside is made of cast aluminum and Kriegsmarine gray lacquered.
Comes complete in the original wooden transport box with dovetail joint, with key and working lock.
With a copy of a letter from the German naval institute providing information about the instrument.
ITEM : 492


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