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A powerful 10 x 80 with a distinctive design, and four in-built filters.
Exclusively made for the British Navy, and often used on torpedo boat destroyers.
Signed and dated Ross London 1944, AC 2006.

The binoculars are equipped with swinging weather shields.
These were used to protect the lenses from sea water, but also to be able to clean the lenses more thoroughly.
Special feature : clicker gear on both eye pieces.
Clicker gear: while turning both eye pieces for adjusting, a number of clicks can be heard.
By memorizing the amount of clicks that are necessary for your personal adjustment, it was
possible to focus quickly and perfectly during the day, or at night when it was dark, without first
having to look through the binoculars.
The optical quality of these binoculars is excellent.
A characteristic of these binoculars is the overwhelming amount of light and clarity that you are
confronted with, and the beautifully wide horizon.
Built-up on an oak wood stand.
General information on the built-in filters:
Blue and green colored filters can provide eye protection against laser and radiation.
Neutral shades of grey can be used in clear weather conditions and against sunlight.
Light orange or yellow can heighten the contrast in sparse light, snow and fog.
Type AC 2006
Coated optics ( Bloomed )
Enlargement factor x 10
Length 51 cm. (20 inches)
Diameter front lenses 80 millimeters
Diameter eye lenses 25 millimeters
Image angle 5 º
Prism type: Porro prism 2 design
Two air connectors
Built-in filters: Clear, Russian yellow, dark neutral, Light neutral
Individually adjustable for each eye
Aluminum body
Weight including stand 15 kg



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