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Dry compass in original chest with gimballed suspension, hailing from one of the life
boats of the H.M.T. Franconia (H.M.T. His Majesty’s Transport).  
Cunard White Star S.S. Franconia was built in 1911 by the Swan Hunter & Wigham
Richardson shipyard in Newcastle.  
The Franconia was a beautifully lined passenger ship with a classic right
bow and two elegant chimney’s.  The ship was used by the Cunard Line for the Liverpool-New York-Boston line.  
On the 15th of February 1915 the ship was claimed by the British government for use in the
transport of Canadian troops.  
She was sailing to Salonika with D.S. Miller at the helm, when she was hit by a torpedo.  
On October 4th 1916 the ship was sunk at 195 miles north east of Malta by the German
submarine U47.  Twelve people lost their lives while 302 were rescued.  
After the rescue of the castaways the compass was rendered safe by a rescue worker.  
The compass chart is in a very nice and smooth condition.  
The compass works as it should, the chest was made from oak wood.  
Full history (in English) is included.  
Dimensions of the chest:  
Length 22.5 cm. (9 inches)  
Width 22.5 cm. (9 inches)  
Height 15 cm. (6 inches)  
Diameter chart 14 cm. (5.5 inches)  



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