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Krauss put this Longue Vue Monoculaire from 1917 on the market under the name of M.1917.  
It was used as a very strong observation viewer (30x) and for observation at night.  
This very strong magnifying telescope was equipped with a revolver eyepiece.  
Depending on goal and use one could choose from various strengths, 15x 23x and 30x.
The instrument consists of: an oak wood stand with micrometers, as well as various scale
divisions and spirit levels.  
The stand and the telescope can each be adjusted in height and position.
Because of the large objective of 80mm the viewer – using
15x – is very well equipped to make observations  in conditions of less than perfect sight (e.g. dusk).  
23x Enlargement was used on regular clear days.  
30x Enlargement was used to be able to watch deep into enemy territory.  
All lenses provide a sharp image, no scratches or dirt, nice clear optics.  
The focus mechanism and the rotating eyepiece work smoothly.
Fournier Paris has developed a similar telescope as have Carl Zeiss Jena.  
Zeiss put the Starmore on the market in 1910.  
Krauss had a license to produce for Carl Zeiss and also use Zeiss products.  
This improved telescope has in all probability been developed in cooperation.

This type of telescope, the M.1917, has also been used by American troops during WW1  
and that is why there is a description in the American Technical Manual TM 9-575.  
The telescope and stand are totally original and conform to the manual.  
The complete instrument and stand radiate history, both have a beautiful warm patina.
Magnifications 15 + 23 + 30 x 80 mm objective lens  
Field of vision 48 m – 39 m – 30 m: the image field you can see at a distance of 1000 meters  
Type XSP – 5566  Brass body covered with brown leather  
Porro prism 2  
Weight including tripod 10 kg  
Tripod autographed Gaumont Paris  
Micrometers autographed Gaumont Paris & Malakoff Doignon (Seine)  
All eyepieces are made of Bakelite  
Three Eyepieces with a diaper scale for rapid setting  
Extendable sun cap  
Length 55 cm



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