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Offered for Sale this excellent Pair of 7×50 U-Boat Binoculars, as exclusively carried in the German U-Boat fleet of the 2nd WW.
These were manufactured from 1941 – 1945.
The majority, as is this example, were made by Carl Zeiss [blc], but a few were also made by Emil Busch [ cxn].
This Third model was made from 1943 – 1945, and identified by the partial rubber armor, and
the presence of tilting rubber eye caps, to a larger eye lens.
These binoculars were made with a waterproof cast aluminum housing.
In order to ensure complete waterproof capabilities, the eye lenses were fixed focus, preferably to the eye of the user.
The only way this could be adjusted, was to use a screwdriver, for internal focus alteration..
It is painted with a special, smooth, light olive green paint, and this example retains a high % of this original paint,
with no corrosion, with a few areas missing through age and use.
Stamped to the RHS shoulder, is “7×50/54991/blc”.
Desiccant Cartridges are incorporated within the housing.
The optics are excellent clear, with a superb unblemished image.
The objective diameter 1.97 inches [50mm], and lenses are blue coated.
Complete with a leather neck sling, made out of good quality leather, as required for such a heavy pair of Binoculars.
There is a Bakelite Benutzer Cap, attached by a regulation rubber Cord.
This acts as a rain cover to the eye lenses.
This is one of the better examples of this hard to find iconic German U-Boat Binoculars,
in o/a very good condition.
Note that all of the Rubber Armor is in excellent condition, with no perishing or obvious splits,
original Bakelite Benutzer Cap and not repainted!



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