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Kriegsmarine Battleship deck mounted binoculars.
A particularly beautiful binoculars from Nedinsco in the original first paint, in Kriegsmarine grey.
During the war, Carl Zeiss made these binoculars at several European companies, so they can also have minor external differences.
Carl Zeiss made approx. 2750 of these iconic binoculars, with and without war time codes, this one with the anti-moisture cartridges on the side is from 1941/1942.
Very few are known of the 10x80 binoculars made at Nedinsco, you can recognize them by the;
different rubber headrest with angled attachment for the eyepiece protection strap, and a different shape of the color filter housing.
The hood doors on the tubes also do not open from the side, but are clipped back on top of the tubes.

The rubber eye cups have a special construction, they are made of brass on the inside with holes to prevent condensation on the lens.
The moist absorbent cartridges and the air inlets and outlets are in Dutch.
The lenses are provided with the well-known blue Zeiss lens coating.
These binoculars are also equipped with adjustable color filters adjustable at the top.
In the run-up to the sale, the binoculars have been uncompromisingly served, cleaned and provided with new collimation.
This 10x80 -20° is therefore still in original condition and has not been painted over!
These binoculars have been used very little, there are few signs of use, the lenses and blue coating are undamaged.
In the left eyepiece is a graticule.
Built on a vintage wooden tripod with a swifel tilting head, it rotates 360° on its axis.

In accordance with the Treaty of Versailles, Zeiss was not allowed to sell optical products
abroad after the lost First World War.
The company was allowed to continue to supply the German army, but that had become
too small after the lost WW1 war.
Switching completely to products for ordinary citizens also made no sense.
The German people were too poor to buy them after the war.
After the war, foreign demand for high-quality Zeiss products remained high,
and new products also had to be developed.
It was decided to set up foreign firms across the border.
Nedinsco was such a company, a so-called Dutch company (which is why everything on the binoculars
is shown in Dutch) but it was completely German.
The management was German, the working capital also came from Germany.
Venlo was just across the border, the company was established in 1920 in an empty chocolate factory,
the location was well chosen logistically, there was a motorway, a good train connection
with Germany and it was located on the river Maas.
End products were binoculars, periscopes for submarines and rifle scopes for cannons, etc.
Arms dealers and soldiers from Spain; Romania, Turkey, Estonia, Thailand, Japan, the Soviet Union, the United States, Chile and Argentina came to Venlo to look and buy.
Mussolini's Italy became one of Nedinsco's biggest customers.
The number of German board members rose steadily, as did that of the Dutch workers, about 600 in the heyday just before the Second World War.
For large orders, even workers from the German parent company came to Venlo to work.
During the occupation of the Netherlands, Nedinsco was fully deployed for the German armament.
Type: Nedinsco/Carl Zeiss 10x80 -20°
Porro prism 2 design
Year of construction 1941-1942
Eyepiece viewing angle 20°
Objective lenses 80mm
Magnification factor 10x
Field of view 122 x 100 m (7°)
Three built-in filters
Coated optics
Rubber forehead support (original 1941-42)
Rubber eyecups & Benutzer hood (original 1941-42)
Length 54 cm ( 21.5 inches )
Width 26 cm ( 10 inches )

ITEM : 513


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