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Kriegsmarine sextant from Plath in a lattice frame design of black coated aluminum numbered
on the protractor 24459.
Index arm with micrometer wheel and Kriegsmarine logo, clearly engraved the German eagle
with the globe, swastika with the Gothic M of marine and the marine number 8758.
Standing on three legs with a Bakelite handle, stamped on the inside with the factory logo "IPS".
Original pinewood carrying case with metal trade logo plate on the inside, and logo around the keyhole.

The sextant is equipped with:
# Scale from -5° to 125° degrees
# Two mirrors
# Four colored sun glasses
# Three horizon glasses
# Telescope 4x40
# The original cleaning brush
# An extra lens for the telescope
# A key for the mirror adjustment
# A small oil bottle
# 2 test certificates
# Booklet on the history of Plath and the use of angle measuring instruments, 1962 edition
# Copy folder in English with full explanation about the micrometer Plath sextant.
Measurements box: 32 x 32 x 17 cm
Nice clean scale and a good clear telescope.
The instrument has also been inspected, last at July 27, 1953 in Rotterdam.
The instrument, case and test certificate have matching numbers!
Bakelite handle with Plath trade logo "de Sun - Shooter".
The lattice frame is 100% intact without damage.
Sold in the original pinewood box with dovetail connection with matching navy number "M 8758".
Mirrors and colored filters are perfect, all without damage.
The instrument is very well preserved, it has clearly been very well looked after, near mint condition!
After the 1943 air raids on Hamburg, the workshops were burned and had to be moved to the east.
Information shows that this sextant was made in February 1944 in Poland, Scharfenwiese or Guttstadt.
As in many factories, Polish and Russian forced laborers were used.
Final check and calibration was done by Plath.
During the war, Plath made approximately 11,000 sextants, 4500 of which were made in the period 1942-1945.
Rarely offered in such a beautiful complete condition!

ITEM : 519


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