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Big and powerful observation observation binoculars made by the German firm Schneider of Göttingen.  
The binoculars were developed by Dr A.W. Tronnier, head designer at Schneider in 1944.  
New to the design was the construction of the big 105 mm object lens: a tele-system
consisting of three lens elements.  
Te binoculars have been cleaned professionally on the inside; the outside has been polished beautifully.  
Complete white Carl Zeiss dark oak wood stand white polished aluminum ornaments.  
Excellent optical quality: perfectly clear presentation, nice sharp vistas, crystal clear
image and a super wide horizon.  
Even from a great distance it is possible to observe even the smallest details with these binoculars,  
because of the 25-fold enlargement and very large object lenses.  
The binoculars have an excellent transmission and high performance optics.  
With the 25 x 105 binoculars you get a perfect night viewer.  
It is known to have been used for that purpose: it was never a problem to recognize a ship or
aeroplane by night at a distance of several miles.  
The binoculars can also be used for various astronomical ends: looking at the moon when
the sky is clear, is simply wonderful, even the crater edges are clearly visible.  
These Schneider binoculars are rare, it's an early model from one of the first editions.  
Of this type not many were produced.  
From post war German documents from 1951 it becomes clear that this type of binoculars
were tested thoroughly by the German army.  
During one of these tests an experimental set-up was made near Innsbruck.  
A freight plane that took to the air at Munich airport could be followed easily up to Bozen.  
The distance through the air from Innsbruck to Bozen is 70 km.
General information about the built-in filters:
Blue and green colored filters can provide eye protection against laser and radiation.  
Neutral shades of grey can be used when the weather is fine and the sky is clear.  
Light orange or yellow can heighten the contrast when the light is dimmed, snow or when it’s foggy.
Registration kqc  
Enlargement factor x 25  
Diameter front lenses 105 millimetre  
Image angle 82 º
Sight field 3,3 º
Prism type: Schmidt roof prism  
Three built-in filters:  
1. Neutral light grey 50% light absorption  
2. Neutral grey 75% light absorption  
3. Orange 75% light absorption  
Polished aluminum and steel body  
Individually adjustable for each eye  
Adjusting siphon for distance between the eyes  
Weight including stand 31 kg  
Length binoculars 52 cm. (20.5 inches)  
Thickness 14 cm. (5.5 inches)  
Literature: Hans Seeger Ferngläser und Fernrohre



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