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Most unusual, this WWII British Ross 10x70 "Captain's Sight" Binocular, was designed as the largest hand-held binocular in the British arsenal but was (and is) far too large and heavy instrument for practical hand use.
Any British sailor able to use this for long periods of time would be a formidable opponent indeed.
They were only given to larger naval ships such as Cruisers and Battleships, the circulation was very limited, only ca. 500 were made.
The optical performance is excellent, it is a Porro II construction with coated lenses and extendable sun shields.
The binoculars have recently been fully serviced and cleaned.
The optical quality is excellent, the view is exceptionally bright with a wide panoramic view.
These binoculars were often placed in a fixed position (image 12).
A beautiful and rare historical binoculars in original finish, few signs of wear, with provenance.
These 10 x 70 Ross binoculars are made in London.
This binocular model Ross 10x70 binoculars was often used by the Admirals of His Majesties Fleet.
Engraved on the right cover plate is the year 1940. 
On the both cover plates stickers that the lenses are proved with  lens coating.
Andrew Ross 1798-1859 founded his company in 1830 and started producing camera lenses.
The company grew and began to work closely with Zeiss around 1890.
Zeiss and Goetz lenses were manufactured and sold under license by Ross in the United Kingdom.
At the outbreak of the war, the British government put Ross in charge of the newly
opened Carl Zeiss binoculars and optical factory in Mill Hill, London.
Ross London produced exceptional binoculars and telescopes.
By the 1940s, Ross had perfected their large marine binoculars, aided by their partnership with Carl Zeiss.
Used in the Australian Royal Navy- R.A.N. 2873, Cruiser-HMAS Australia.

General information built-in filters:
Neutral shades of gray can be used in good weather, clear weather conditions and sun.
Light orange or yellow can increase contrast in low light, snow and fog.
Patt AC 2010
Magnification factor x 10
Length 40 cm (15,7 inches)
Objective diameter 70 millimeters
Eyepiece diameter 10 millimeters
Porro prism 2 design
Two air connectors
Built-in filters; Clear, Russian yellow, dark neutral, light neutral
Each eye can be set individually
Aluminum body
Exit pupil 7 mm
Field of view 5¼ º = 92m / 1000m
Serial nr. 118769
Australian Royal Navy- R.A.N. 2873
Cruiser-HMAS Australia
Included neck strap & rubber eye shields
Waxed oak tripod.



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