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Very beautiful big Japanese binoculars made by Nikko in the 1938-1944 period.  
Built-up on the original half-gimballed bow system of polished aluminium.  
Stylish item with many original elements: revolving prism house, air connectors,
pinsight, protractor, sightly oval bow and oak wood stand.  
The binoculars are fully restored and cleaned and polished on the inside.  
Excellent optical quality: perfectly clear representation, nice sharpness, and detailled image.
In the years leading up to the 1st and 2nd World Wars Carl Zeiss was the biggest market leader,
and provider of optics in and outside Europe.
All Japanese naval officers used Carl Zeiss optics in the 1881-1914 period.  
After the 1st World War it became impossible to import optics from Germany, and the
decision was made to manufacture the items themselves for own expansion.  
It was de Fuji brothers who began manufacturing the first Japanese models in 1911.  
The development and production of high performance optics was seen in Japan as a great
advantage during military operations.  
Nippon Kogaku (Nikon) and Toko were market leaders and produced these high classed optics until the 1950s.
Enlargement factor x 15  
Diameter front lenses 80 millimetres  
Eye piece viewing angle 60 º
Image angle 60 º
Vision 4 º
Two air connectors  
Prism type: Amici roof prism combied with a Rhomboid prism
Body of polished aluminium and steel  
Individually adjustable per eye  
Rotating prism casing  
Lenses and prism: multi-coated  
Weigth including stand 20 kg  
Length binoculars 64 cm ( 25 inches)  
Width 36 cm including brace (14 inches)



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