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A director binocular with fully coated optics for use at sea, as used by the
Royal Navy in the Falklands War during the 80’s.  
Specially designed for use on marine vessels.  
The body has a distinct and characteristic design so the model remained compact.
The object and prism house are totally made from aluminum.  
The binoculars have internal focus adjustment.
The optical quality of these binoculars is excellent: perfectly clear reproduction and a crystal clear image.
The binoculars have been beautifully restored, as well as cleaned on the inside, and polished on the outside.  
The binoculars come with an oak wood stand.
Special option: built-in filters adjustable on the front side.  
General information built-in filters:  
Blue and green colored filters can provide eye protection against laser and radiation.  
Neutral shades of grey can be used during nice weather and clear weather conditions.  
Light orange or yellow can heighten the contrast during bad light conditions and fog.
Type: R/91/AVL - 8/42    
Length 28 cm. (11 inches)  
Width 30 cm. (12 inches)  
Diameter front lenses 50 millimetres   
Diameter eye piece 30 millimetres
Image angle 7 º Prism type: Roof prism  
Coated lenses  Built-in filters:  
Clear  Dark neutral  Light neutral  
Aluminium body  Internal focusing,
Individually adjustable for each eye  
Weight including stand 12.5 kg
Information about large Avimo binoculars is hard to find.  
Experiments as well as development of the Avimo were carried out under protection of the British government.
The aim of the Ministry of Defense was the design of a series of new binoculars.  
These binoculars were meant for Naval Service, Land Service and Air Force.
The results of experiments and specifications were never made available to the general public.  
Avimo was later taken over by Thales Optics.  
This rare binocular come with the original case white makers label, code and year.



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