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Telescope which can be used by one or two persons, they can simultaneously observe the same target.  
One telescope for the spotter and one for the observer.  
The telescopes are different in strength, 20 x 7 and 9 x 5.
Next to each telescope there is an aiming visor.  
On each telescope there is a swinging arm with black bakelite eye pad.  
In each telescope there are built-in color filters, which can be operated manually with a small lever.
The instrument sits on the original oak wood stand, and can turn round its axis for 350 º
by means of a turning wheel. Height adjustment -10 º up to an angle of 90 º to the right top end.  
This rare instrument, without wear, was made by the Ross firm of London, probably as a test
specimen or prototype.  
The telescopes possess a beautiful color rendering, clarity and contrast.  
Suitable for observations on the horizon and in the air.
The telescopes have been cleaned professionally on the inside, there are no scratch marks or damage.
R.L. Telescope Identification A.A. Mark IV 1941
Registration nr 569  
1 x Enlargement factor x 9  
1 x Enlargement factor x 20  
1 x Diameter front lenses 70 millimetres  
1 x Diameter front lenses 50 millimetres  
Eyepiece viewing angle 60 º
Prism type: roof prism  
Aluminium bodies  
Fully rotating 350 º on stand  
Height adjustable -10 º up to 90 º
Individually adjustable for each eye  
Three built-in spirit levels  
Built-in color filters  
Weight incl. stand 23 kg  
Height on stand 140 cm  
Width 80 cm



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